So you’ve arrived – you’re at the lovely new Voice website. Thanks for coming along!

Have you read Voice before? Yes? No? Well, either way let us tell you about what we are and what we do.

Voice was established in 2003 by three advertising execs looking for a way to promote the area they loved.

The magazine trundled along quite nicely as an independent, growing quickly and swiftly becoming the area’s favourite glossy publication, full of celebrity, local good news and lots more besides.

After four years of independence and hard work, 2007 saw Voice being bought by Newsquest, which saw the potential and popularity of the product as something it wanted like to add to its portfolio – and this is where the magazine finds itself now.

Now, in its tenth year, Voice is still the NP area’s favourite magazine. Still full of positivity, news and reviews, the mag hits the shelves on the first of each month with copies snapped up within a few days – which is where this site comes in handy.

Our aim is to work closely with local businesses to help them promote themselves effectively. Offering a superb design service and excellent customer focus, two thirds of the original Voice team still work on the publication and recognise exactly what it’s like to be starting out – and that makes us special.

As well as reaching many thousands of readers through print each month, the magazine is also uploaded on this very site to be enjoyed by thousands more readers.

On this site you’ll find lots of news and reviews for everything that’s interesting in the NP area and much more besides.  Why not have a flick through and see what Voice has for you?